My Wandering Camera

Do you ever have a travel buddy who always goes with you wherever you are? Well, in my case, that who is an “it.” My camera is my travel buddy. We take pictures together—from nice and stunning beaches, to remote islands, mountains, and even up in the air (airplanes and hot air balloons). My travel is not complete without taking a single photo from my camera and I have invested so much time and resources so I can always upgrade it. In the past few weeks, I am planning to make an addition to my cameras. I am thinking to buy a 360 grad kamera which can add value to my photos. This camera is really nice as it can capture almost everything you want to take photo of. It does not only have a bird’s eye view. It has the whole subject for your to capture on and it really amazes me how on earth the inventor or innovator of its one created this magnificent work of art.

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