Organizational Hacks

Do you love organizing your things? Well, I am one of the people who just love organizing things up to the bits. If ever you see my room, you will be surprised I managed to have all my things in pretty shape. I am little kind of OC person you know. And I get it why other people are also into organizing stuff. They just want peace in life!

Anyway, I am sharing with you some of my tips in organizing. These are hacks so I think these might be useful for you.

  1. Design old shoe boxes- Turn them nice bookshelves. You can even color them in the shades you want!
  2. Use hangers to hang your accessories like shawls and scarves.
  3. Use a corkboard to decoration and hang your earrings for easier location
  4. Use metal clips to organize your gadget chargers so it won’t get messy in your desk
  5. Use noodle foam to make your boots stand out

If you are not into this, you can use self storage to store your much important documents and things! If you want to compare storage prices, check the link provided.

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