Impressive technology

So, if I were to make a an honest Amazon Prime Canada review right now, I would be hard-pressed to do it without saying that I am incredibly impressed by this technology, and that I think that this is one of the coolest things that’s come out in the last few years. I admit, I’m a bit of a hipster, I’m a young student, and I usually ignore the advancements of major corporate attempts at being cool and practical. However, that only goes to such an extent. I mean, I use Google. I use Apple products, and I use all sorts of mainstream entertainment to fill my life with meaning and joy and Leger period so, basically what I’m saying is that I will avoid mainstream attempts if they don’t earn their keep, but if something has a lot of corporate funding behind it, if I’m going to be using it and supporting it, I think that it has to really live up to the hype, and really be a huge deal. When it comes to Amazon Prime, it certainly is. Now, I remember looking at Amazon Prime when it first debuted in Canada, and I thought it was pretty weak. I thought it was weak because they were all sorts of really great features that existed in the states, that didn’t cross over to the Canadian version, for whatever reason, and, personally I just think that that’s not good practice, and that you’re not going to gain much of a following that way. So, I kind of wonder if Amazon Prime shot themselves in the foot by debuting in our country like that. Do not start your business in a place if it is already inferior to the product that you’re offering just a couple hours away, in my opinion, because I know other Canadians who looked at it and thought that we were getting ripped off.

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