The creative style of photo editing

There are very few things that I think are as interesting as the modern developments and Photo filter technology. Sure it wasn’t that long ago that it required thousands of dollars of equipment and software to take professional level photos, anything that might be used on a stock photography website for instance, and then edit those photos so that they were suitable. Now, all of the sudden, we are in a place where all of this is at our fingertips, quite literally. I mean all of it. All of it all of it all of it all of it. It’s insane. Our phone can take a professional level quality come and if you use the right filter, camera filter that is, and it just brightness the right level, things like that, you can end up with a masterpiece that people actually pay you money for. It seems like an absurd thing to say but I truly believe that it’s true. And you know what the great professional photographers are doing in the wake of this rise of amateurism? The great professional photographers today are moving deeper into their craft, and using the resources available to them as professionals. A lot of them are refining what their Niche might be, and how that sets them apart from the rest. They’re perfecting the style that has made them popular, and they are working harder than ever to retain significance in the world with so much competition and so much talent. That is so much more than a lot of other photographers are doing. A lot of other photographers choose to do absolutely nothing about this kind of thing. It’s actually quite pathetic, don’t you think? I think that it is, for sure. I don’t think there’s much debate about that, as a matter of fact. It is the burden of the winner to find out how to keep winning.

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