Sound Mind in a Sound Body

Hello my dears! My first post will be about healthy lifestyle I used to lead.

I have very active life and I care much about my health. I control my thoughts during the day and try to stay positive even if I stuck, can’t handle and want to cry. Our life full of stress and I want to reduce it.  Sport helps me a lot to cope with daily difficulties. I feel much healthier and feel good during the day. I am constantly on a diet, but sometimes I can eat tasty cake.

But it wasn’t like that all my life. As a teenager, I don’t use to do very much exercise at all, I just got used to being lazy! But now I am older, I am more aware of my health.  I joined a gym last year and I’ve been making use of its facilities – you know the pool and the tennis courts.

I think I am very lucky to lead the life I do today. It’s not easy, though, because I don’t have much time that I used to have before. Still, I have a lovely family and a very promising career. My husband supports me in every situation, my daughter brings me joy every day! What else could I ask for?

I hope you enjoy reading my post. I look forward to receiving comments from you.

With love,

Your Kate.

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