Blogger-Friendly Site for Stock Photos

Stock Photos on EyeEm will certainly help you.

If you ever need to procure images, stock images, for your blog or website, this is the best site by far. Since I began using it, I’ve become totally enamored with everything about it, and I will never use another stock photography site in my life. I had so many bad experiences with other ones. But, they’re so poorly designed, and yet nobody had designed a better one… Until this one came around!

If you are like I was, and you are naive enough to think that you will never need to use stock photography when you’re writing a blog or publishing it, you are totally totally wrong. I was too, it’s okay.

Stock photography is actually like, super essential, because you need an image to grab people’s attention. If you were to write a post, and some people were to share that post on Facebook, it is almost 100% more likely that a lot more people will pay attention to that post if there is an image associated with the words. If there’s no image, people will not be as immediately affected by your post.

For this reason, it’s not only the fact that you need an image, it’s that you want a good image. A good image can be hard to find on a lot of stock photography sites, has a lot of sites seem to just choose boring images that can soon almost any situation, but not suit any situation perfectly well. It’s a weird conundrum, and I’m glad that a website finally figured it out. I just wanted to tell all of the bloggers I know to start using this one, and that’s why I’m writing this post. It is also an advantage for you as they accept credit cards so you no need to go to a payment center to settle your bills with them if you want to go for a subscription. Although I like to write about my own life and my own opinions, I also just want to help other people be more successful with their blogs. I think it is so important to blog, and I should be doing it more, so this is the type of post I’m going to begin to make when I discover something. I hope that you will be inspired to share your discoveries about how to improve people’s experience with the blog and process as well!


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