My Experience with 360 Photography

So, you might not know this, but I actually have other blogs and Publications that I write for. To be honest, this is my totally personal one that I do for the love, and just because I am looking for an unfiltered way to express the things that I want to say, whether they’re about my feelings, my experiences, or just random things I think about or encounter. So, anyway, on one of these other blogs I begin using 360 photography, and at talking people through how to use it and what to do. You might not know this but this has been one of my hobbies lately, taking 360 photographs with my device.

I really think that this is the way of the future, and I’m trying to think of ways to implement it on here. Since I mostly write about my own life and my own experience on this blog, it seems weird to me that I would do something like a 360 photo or video of what I’m talking about, since a lot of it is about my own home and other such personal things. But, I’m looking for a way to creatively do it.

Anyway, I think everyone is going to have to take on this technology eventually, because I really do think that it is going to be the Common Place form of expression, photos and videos that people can explore it more than their surface depth. Does that make sense? I really think it does.

I really think that the next Generations of people are going to grow bored of stagnant two-dimensional photos and want something so much more. It seems crazy, but that time has come, and everyone can start engaging with this amazing new form by making a minimal investment into a 360 camera and getting going. That’s where I’m at with this, and I don’t see it changing anytime soon. Some new technologies are just fads, others are bound to stick around, like the best 360 camera, and really make a dent. I invite you to join me on riding this wave

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