Vancouver Property: Is It Worth It?

We’ve made it no secret that we’ve been considering investing in property lately. Basically, what we’re looking for is somewhere that we can spend our time off, Retreat too, and use as a short-term rental/AirBnB suite whenever we’re not staying there. A lot of friends have given this a lot of suggestions, and we also have an abundance of our own ideas. We thought about Hawaii, California, Florida, North Carolina, Denver, New York State, and even a few areas and other countries. Some of these ideas are a little bit outlandish, but one that made itself seem very realistic is Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

If You know anything about the real estate market and then City, you might think that we are crazy for investing. Not because the properties are bad, because the properties are right now at a very high price. But, hear me out. We’ve been earning American dollars, and the Canadian dollar is not doing so well lately. In fact, it’s about 1.3 to 1. Ouch.

A Friend of a friend of ours, who is living in one of Coal Harbour condos , is a Vancouver Realtor… We told him about our price range and he has forwarded us a list of New Westminister, Surrey, and Burnaby condos for sale that he thinks suit our needs. We took a look at some online and we are pretty optimistic about a few of them. We’re thinking about taking a trip up to the Vancouver area to check out the property, and just get a better feel for the vibe of the city. It’s not a city we had considered before. But, the real estate market has been going up and up, and even though that is sometimes a recipe for disaster, it can also be the opposite. We Trust our realtor. We’re really considering this. Do you have any constructive thoughts on the matter? Let me know in the comments! As always, thank you for reading. I appreciate having you to connect with.

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