Office Work Related Apps You Definitely Need

Are you a workaholic individual who always love to be in the know for the latest development in every project? Or are you the certain type of boss who needs to be kept updated and can track what his or her employees are doing even if they are working remotely? I have discovered these apps and this has gave me the freedom to always be updated wherever I go through keeping in touch through my iPad or phone.
Here are the apps which are be very useful for employees and bosses alike.

1. Drop Box

Dropbox is my favorite file sharing app. You can share the files here—from images, slides, or video through giving team mates access in your folder. It also synch with your other devices like computer, laptop, phone and tablet which is so convenient to use.

2. Trello

We know Trello as the virtual management software for people who work remotely. Its app is useful too for people who needs to be updated in the progress of a project right through their phone. A team member can move his cards too like what he can do via laptop or computer.

3. Skype

Video, chat, and voice messaging made easy, Skype is everyone’s favorite. Skype is one of the most popular and hugely downloaded app in the store. No need to even undergo app store optimization for this as it is known by many.

4. Mail

Who else loves checking their mails every now and then in their phone? One workaholic can not help but look into their notifications even if they are on leave or on holiday especially now that Google Mail can notify you of always everything that is happening to sites or projects you are subscribed to.

5. Uber

Who says uber is not important to employees? When you are rushing for a meeting or if you need to go to a certain place that is business related but you do not want your car to be stuck in the traffic, it is better to have an uber app with you to save you from too much hassle. It shall give you more time to deal with other pressing concerns and eventually lead you to more productivity. .

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